Cancer Patients are Often Misdiagnosed

A misdiagnosis is the same as a wrong diagnosis. It delays treatment and sometimes puts a patients through unnecessary tests and treatment that causes pain, mounting medical bills and delays the right treatment.

When it comes to misdiagnosing cancer, it could also mean the difference between living and dying.
A recent study revealed that one in five cancer patients are misdiagnosed. The time delay from the moment the misdiagnosis was received until the correct diagnosis is received gives the cancer time to grow and spread. If the type of cancer the patient has happens to be a fast spreading kind, just a few days of delayed treatment makes the prognosis less favorable.
How is it possible for oncologists who specialize in the treatment of cancer to misdiagnosis one out of every five patients they see? According to, Human error and mechanical error. The oncologist rushes through the exam, he or she fails to order the right tests or misinterpret the test results. Mechanic or technological errors may occur at some point during testing and skewer the results. Several variables can hinder a patient from receiving the right diagnosis from the get-go.
To protect yourself from a misdiagnosis, it’s always wise to get a second opinion from a trusted doctor. The second doctor probably won’t tell you the first doctor was wrong (if that’s the case) but hopefully the second doctor will provide a correct diagnosis and treatment plan.